Foundation Gillissenvaarders

  • Gillissenvaarders club is a foundation.
  • The objective of the Foundation is:
    • Promoting mutual ties between Gillissenvaarders
    • Exchanging information about Gillissen ships and possibly making available from the Gillissen heirs drawings and other information to Gillissenvaarders
    • Preserving the heritage of ship architect Theo Gillissen Organizing meetings
    • The Foundation aims to give some structure to our club of boat owners without changing the nature of the meetings and other activities.
    • This Foundation structure is desirable in connection with the separation of assets and cash flows.
    • The new legal entity then has its own cash, from which costs, such as website and stocks and any debt to the board can be paid.
    • Nor is the “board” owner of goods, but the Foundation, also when renewing board.
    • All activities of Foundation Directors are entirely voluntary and without compensation of any personal nature.
    • All boat owners registered with the Foundation will be involved in the activities.

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