The Gillissen winter event 25 januari 2020

On the advice of Emily and Teun de Waard, the winter meeting was this time in Hellevoetssluis.

Despite the fact that for many of us it got up early, the attendance with 45 participants was certainly good. Unfortunately we had 1 sick report. At 10 a.m. we were received in a hospitable manner at reagent De Ruyterhuys. The coffee with cake went well after (for most of us) a long drive. For the car of Jan Dirk and Dorine Heijnis, the car ride was too long because near Rotterdam the car effe said-no more-. 🙂

Under the 2nd or even 3rd cup of coffee, the chairman Wout Kraaijeveld welcomed everyone and in particular the new members. Wout updated the members about the latest development within the Gillissen foundation and in particular the change on the website. he told again what the program was for this day. After coffee, get a breath of fresh air by walking to the battering ram De Buffel. this ship is certainly worth a visit After a short introductory talk, the group was divided into three and we were given a tour of the ship. The ship is currently owned by a foundation and is being “kept on” by between 40 and 60 volunteers. And that is admirable from these volunteers – what a job.

After the tour back to the restaurant where a well-prepared lunch was ready. During lunch there was a nice chat with each other and the smartphones with photos of ships almost went from table to table and that is also the intention of the encounter in the winter. There was a little afterglow, but due to the long journey back we soon heard again until the summer in Hattem. Hellevoetsluis was certainly a big thank you to Emily and Teun.


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